Research Paper on Expression of Emotions

 I’ve attached the research paper abstract and references I have used thus far in writing this paper. The paper must follow the directions quoted below and I will check for plagiarism. I need it finished by 12/21/17 at 9:00pm central time. I would like for you to follow the same direction and add on to what I’ve already written in the attachment. 


“8–10-page paper in current APA style—submitted through SafeAssign—summarizing an aspect of a selected psychophysiological topic from the textbook. The final paper must include the pages turned in for the first step with the corrections given from the instructor made, or the feedback given from the instructor followed. You are encouraged to use APA headings in the body of the paper. The headings outline the paper for the reader and are encouraged but not required. The 8–10 pages include the abstract, the body, and the conclusion. The title and references pages are not included in the total page number requirement.”