Reading & Research


Please review these videos and write a summary of each video cluster.  Each summary cluster is worth five points.  A summary is a minimum of five sentences.  Please note anything less than a paragraph does not meet requirements for this assignment.  This assignment is due before or on 1.24.18 by 6 p.m.  This assignment is worth a total of 15 points, meaning  each essay is 5 points.

3 points – a clearly defined topic/thesis statement with supporting evidence from a video or videos (Supporting evidence needs to include at least 2-3 sentences.  When providing supporting evidence, you will need to cite the time in the video.  See example below.

Literature review is important to psychology (Literature Review Video 1, 5:30).   

2 points – sentence structure and grammar  

How do you conduct a literature search? (5)


What is research? (5)


What is the difference between a dependent and independent variable? (5)