Racism effects on the Mental Health of An Individual

As these are sensitive subjects heavily embedded in politics, you must response to each other’s post with respect and mutual understanding regardless if you agree with one another.

Your original posts this week must be 150 minimum per question (there is no maximum) due Sunday, April 26 by 11:59pm

You must respond to 2 questions this week from a peer. You can respond to 2 questions written by the same person or select 2 individuals and respond to one post each due by Wednesday, April 28 at 11:59pm.

Read and listen to the link-The NPR clip is about 5 minutes. There is a 3- minute link embedded in the text regarding the 2008 Iowa raid-be sure to watch that video too. That content is not in the 5-minute audio file


Question 1: What was Dr. Roberto Montenegro’s experience? Do you find this being related to his overall health/well-being or this might be truly subjective? Have your friends and other people you know shared stories like this with you? Have you experienced any assumptions based on your race either in a positive or negative direction?

Question 2: In relation to what happened on May 12, 2008 in Iowa and its impact on health: Do you think that was a scientific way of studying the health outcome related to the event? What is your reaction to this video? What parallels do you see from the last several years with immigration (you have the flexibility to pull in any information you want)? What is your stance considering the health impact of immigration policies in relation to US law?

Question 3: Your response to this should somewhat anonymous-instead of writing in first person or “I” draft make the subject of your sentences “they” when discussing the characteristics/impacts. If you are doing this activity with a partner you can use “they” and “them” or “person 1” and “person 2”. For example, instead of I drew this, they drew this. The activity works best with at least two people-another family member, friend, etc. where you each make sketches and compare them. Uploads of the drawings are optional but encouraged. Stick-figures welcome.

Sketch out on paper what a drug dealer and a drug user look like. In your sketches, be sure to ascribe at a minimum of race, gender, occupation, age, name and income. Feel free to assign additional features you envision. Reflect on what “their” pictures reflected. What factors are influencing “their” opinions? How do the drawings “they” made compare with Google search images for drug users and dealers? How do these drawing compare the statistics of incarceration you learned about in chapter 13, the war on drugs?

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