racial and ethnic identities in America

Review this week’s Learning Resources. Pay particular attention to the definitions of wealth, power, and the tri-racial stratification system in the article, “From Bi-racial to Tri-racial: Towards a New System of Racial Stratification in the USA.” Consider the impact of the tri-racial stratification system on perceptions of race and ethnicity. Think about how race, power, and wealth might influence people’s perception of social class Reflect on whether race, power, or wealth might have the most influence and why.

The Assignment (3–4 pages): Explain the impact of a tri-racial system on societal perceptions of race and ethnicity. Provide specific examples. Separately analyze the impact of race, power, and wealth on people’s perceptions of social class. Provide specific examples for each. Explain which you believe has the greatest influence on people’s perceptions of social class and justify your response.