Rabies Disease Etiology Pathology Signs and Symptoms

The paper must include:

Name of the disease/illness: (include the name of the disease/illness (include the medical/scientific name), morbidity, mortality, and statistics).

Etiology of the disease/illness: How is this disease/illness contracted or spread? Is it internal to the person (e.g. depression)? Or is it external (e.g. meaning caused by something or someone else, e.g. malaria). What are the risk factors to the illness/disease? Are there any preventive measures or precautions against the disease/illness?

Pathology of the disease/illness: How quickly does the disease/illness advance from pre-clinical stage (incubation) to clinical stage? Does it advance throughout the body or is it localized to an area? Is it fatal? How likely is an infected individuals to die without treatment? What is the outlook for recovery if someone does engage in treatment? If possible, use some of the medical terminology that we learned in this course.

Signs and symptoms of the disease/illness: Cover this area using the medical terminology we covered in the course.

Tests or screenings used for the disease/illness: How do we test or screen for this disease/illness? If equipment is used, list the equipment.

Current treatment or evidence based practices for disease/illness: How do we treat this disease/illness? Is there treatment? How effective is the treatment? Is it curative? List the medications or the treatment regimen used. If not curative, is there any practices used for palliative care?

References: Use APA style for in-text citations and for the references section.

*This will be typed in Times New Roman and in 12 inch font. The paper will be written using 1 inch margins throughout the paper (normal margins). It will be double spaced. This paper should be a minimum of three