Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Your goal in this speech is to persuade your audience to change their attitudes, values, beliefs, or actions in regard to an important social, political, cultural, or economic issue.

In particular, your job is to, first, identify a pressing problem related to your project and provide evidence the problem exists and is important; and, second, offer a solution to the problem and provide evidence the solution will succeed in decreasing the problem without causing more serious damage. Finally, you should identify what tangible steps your audience can take to help solve the problem.

You should make a quality argument on behalf of your perspective. This is a persuasive speech. You must attempt to persuade the class to believe as you believe on this issue.

Your topic should be presented in a clear, well-organized format. It is critical to develop your ideas and provide relevant researched information. You will need to use at least 6 quality sources in your speech to support your argument. The words used must be cited verbally in your speech (Author, Publication Title, and Exact Date), as well as on a reference page turned in with the outline using APA style guidelines.

Consider these questions as you craft your speech:

What is the problem?
How do you know it is a problem? (Could it be interpreted differently?)
Who does the problem affect? (On a global, national, or local scale)
What is the scope of the problem?
What is causing the problem? How do you know that is the cause of the problem?
What solutions to the problem are available?
What solutions have been tried in the past and failed? Why did they fail?
What is the best possible outcome if your solution is tried?
What is the worst possible outcome if your solution is tried?
What can you do to minimize the worst possible outcome?
In answering these questions, you will need to do research. That research should function as the evidence you use in the speech.

Delivery: All presentations must be extemporaneously delivered. Please see the text for a definition of extemporaneous speaking. Reading or memorizing a presentation will result in a grade of zero on that speech. You are permitted to use no more than 5 3×5 inch speaker cards with keywords on them while you speak. It is important for you to speak extemporaneously to show that you have prepared adequately and know your speech material.

Time Limits: Your speeches are expected to be within the time limits set forth in this syllabus and the speech guidelines. Speeches that are too long/too short will result in a 5% grade deduction for that speech.