Psychology Module 1 # 4


Make an initial post (100 word minimum)  to EACH of the four discussion topics within the first two weeks of the beginning of the course.

2.  Students are required to make at least three reflective posts (100 word minimum) to the comments of other students.   

You must begin by first stating “I believe your main (basic)point was”.  You may then proceed to discuss your viewpoint and advance or clarify you contribution to the discussion topic.


ADHD is a sort of mental condition that I believe now-a-days runs very common in children to the point where almost every hyper child is tested for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or something of the like from a very young age. Personally, I believe that being under medication should be a choice to the individual themselves, unless their unmedicated behavior can directly and harmfully affect other people. In Alex’s case, it appears that his self-esteem suffered immensely, and his lack of attention to not only himself and his health but a lack of interest and ability to focus in school seemed to directly affect this as well. This lead to depression and very low self-esteem and his parents believed that ADHD medication would benefit him the most. It seemed to be effective, as it helped Alex get better not only mentally but also in school. 

As for Robin, he was diagnosed very young and was on medication since the 4th grade, despite his vocalization that he did not like the drugs, his parents changed the medication and had him on it still. Robin began to become unhappy and unmotivated to the point where his parents hospitalized him. It affected him so much that his teachers didn’t know how to react around him. However, eventually, Robin refused to take his medication despite his mother’s best efforts. 

I will only further reiterate my earlier opinion on the subject– I believe that medication should always be up to the person taking it, and that when it comes to medicating your children, I believe that proper communication between parent and child should be done to ensure that this is in fact in the child’s best benefit.