Psy302 week 2 discussion 1

Testing and assessment are critical components of selection, recruitment, and the training and development processes in any business or organization. Organizations approach assessments in a multitude of ways.

Research the following evaluative protocols that might be used by an I/O psychologist or manager to assess an employee’s performance.

-A peer evaluation

Describe the assessment/evaluation you have been assigned.

Apply appropriate citations which may include your text, required article and videos, website sources, and additional peer-reviewed articles.

Explain what the goal is of your assigned assessment/evaluation method.

Analyze the possibility of bias in your assigned assessment/evaluation method.

Does your assessment suggest the potential of possible bias? Why?

Describe the potential effects your assessment/evaluation method might have on the workplace (good and bad).

Identify at least two strengths and at least two weaknesses of the assessment that you discuss based on your research. (Remember to cite your sources.)