PSY 202 Discussion Cognitive Biases

Prepare: In Week Two, you discussed two important executive functions: self-regulation and time management. This week you will learn about another important executive function: critical thinking.  Paul & Elder (2010) define critical thinking as, “the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it.”

A lack of critical thought often leads to cognitive bias. Read the Week 5 Instructor Guidance, Chapter 10 in your textbook and watch the video above to learn more about critical thinking and cognitive bias. Section 10.4 of your textbook will introduce you to additional types of cognitive bias.   

Reflect: Consider how your own cognitive biases impact the way you view the world and play a role in your daily life.  

Write: In your own words, define cognitive bias and provide a specific example of cognitive bias from your life. Your example can be your own personal bias or someone else’s bias.  Choose two types of cognitive bias from Section 10.4 in your textbook and explain how they inhibit critical thought. Explain how you will use critical thinking to overcome cognitive bias in online learning to ensure academic success.

Your initial post must be at least 300 words in length. 

Respond to Peers:  Review several of your peers’ posts and respond to at least two, each with a minimum of 100 words. Compare your definition of cognitive bias to theirs. Suggest additional ways they can use their critical thinking skills to succeed in school.