PS375 Purdue Global Mental Disorder DSM 5 Diagnostic Tool Case Discussion

Watch the Case Study: Brandi (click here for transcripts).

Use the DSM-5 from the Purdue Global library to identify and analyze Brandi’s symptoms. Determine her specific addiction disorder and mental health disorder. Add the appropriate diagnostic code and brief description of symptoms.

Then, write an individualized treatment plan using the Unit 5 Assignment Template. Discuss treatment modalities (e.g. Integrated Treatment) that are appropriate for treating clients diagnosed with co-occurring disorders.

Using the Prochaska & DiClemente Transtheoretical model (1983), explain how you would apply a stage-wise approach to Brandi’s treatment.

Then, explain the factors that lead to the client’s addiction in the conclusion.

Support your work with materials from the DSM-5, the text, and at least one outside source (be sure it is a scholarly source).

The body of your expository paper should be at least 3 pages in length:

• Writing is to be logical, well-ordered, and insightful
• Use APA formatting and citation guidelines
• 12-point Times New Roman font
• Double spaced and use Standard English

Include three to five scholarly peer-reviewed references obtained from the university library directly related to research-based theories of family systems and approaches to family and community involvement. The Writing Center has information on how to use APA formatting.