Problem Solving Simulation

Consider this problem: A man has three animals on a riverbank: a dog, a cat, and a mouse. The man needs to get all three animals to the other side of the river, but his raft can only carry one animal at a time. 


The man cannot leave the dog and cat together as the dog will eat the cat. Similarly, if the man leaves the cat an the mouse togehter, the cat will eat the mouse. 


Help th man fiure out a system for transporting the animals across the river without any them getting eaten. 


Upon completion, write a brief essay  (at least 200 words) that ansers the following:

 Describe the different strategies you used to try to solve the simulation.What obstacles did you encounter while trying to solve it?If you solved it, how long did it take?If you did not solve it, how much time and effort did you contribute before giving up

Work must be consistent with APA guidelines using time new roman 12 pt. font.