Prevalence Of Pre-Term Birth Among African-Americans

Final Research Project



This is the final written assignment for the course.  In this assignment you will conduct a literature review and describe the plan for conducting a proposed research or quality improvement project based on your initial research inquiry assignment. Using complete sentences (Essay) and APA format, complete your proposal according to the listed criteria.

*Assignment must be in a narrative essay format with a separate title page and a separate reference page. Paper must be formatted using subheadings listed in criteria and should be between 3-5 pages long with at least 3 evidenced-based literature (sources) from academic databases. Sources should not be older than 5 years old.


Criteria   Criteria
Research inquiry

Provide an introductory statement about what was found in the literature and how it applies to your proposed project (include in text citations in APA format and a list of references)

Briefly state the purpose/rationale for  this  proposed project

What is your question?






Who is the population (nurses, patients, students etc.)?

How is your population/sample to be recruited for the project?

Setting- Where will you recruit your population/sample from?





What are the ethical implications for the study?

How could any ethical implications be addressed/prevented/avoided?





What type of research/project? (qualitative, quantitative, mixed method?)

How will you go about collecting data/conducting the study?

What instrument/measurement tool will be used?

What are the expected findings?





What are the nursing implications for the proposed project and/or relevance of expected findings?





Who will be informed of the project/findings?

How would you go about informing others of the project results?




Reference List

All references are correctly listed according to APA format

Total Possible Points