PowerPoint Proposal

To complete the Clinical Prevention & Population Health for Improving Health Proposal (PPT), you will:

  1. Develop a PROBLEM BACKGROUND by choosing a specific topic from the Healthy People 2030 List of Determinants of Health.Links to an external site.
  2. Based on the chosen topic, develop one PICO(T) question using the template provided to aid in formulating researchable question or hypothesis. List appropriate key words.
  3. Incidence and prevalence of the problem – locally and globally (as applicable).
  4. Create a LITERATURE REVIEW based on current research article that relates to the chosen topic as guided by the list of key words. You will want to view the videos found here PRIOR to working on this part of the project.
  5. Provide one EBP clinical guideline AND one EBP screening process about the chosen topic.
  6. Present at least one community resource pertinent to your proposal presentation.
  7. Identify potential stakeholders as community partners.
  8. Create a METHODOLOGY
    • Decide the type of research for this proposal, either based on a quantitative, qualitative or mixed method
    • Based on the PICO(T) question, determine the following:
      • Identify dependent and independent variables
      • What tool(s) or measure(s) to use (i.e., Wong Baker scale if quantifying pain)
      • Inclusion and exclusion criteria
      • Approaching and recruiting participants
      • Maintaining quality of research project (Human Subjects and informed consents, IRB approval, data management, etc.)
    • Determine appropriate statistical analyses to measure outcomes or answer hypotheses. You will want to thoroughly review the video found here on statistical analysis.
  9. Keep the proposal presentation to 20 minutes