Advanced Research

Whether you are planning on receiving your Master’s or DNP in Executive Leadership, your DNP as Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner, or as a Family Nurse Practitioner, you will need to provide education to your respective population. You will create a two page handout that you will present during class (no longer!) that must bring about awareness to a given topic (you will have an opportunity to discuss why you chose this particular area of interest/need). It must be aesthetically pleasing and functional. You will create a third page that will include the references you used that will be checked for plagiarism. Your topic should apply to your area of specialty, and it must be approved at least one week-  prior to Live Class 2. The assignment itself it due (at latest) two days-  before class to check for any errors or risk of plagiarism. 

For example- I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and I work in Primary Care where every day I see patients with increasing numbers of cholesterol (Total, LDL, and Triglycerides). Clinical practice guidelines and research- The

United States Preventative Services Task Force (USPSTF) state that as long as their cardiovascular risk factor is less than 10%, lifestyle modifications (diet and exercise) can be recommended as first-line therapy. However, patients do not respond or understand when a provider says “Eat better and exercise”. We need to provide support and education about what it means to exercise and how much, what kinds of food to eat more of, and what kinds of foods to limit/avoid. We also know that office visits are stressful, and that many times patients (and students:)) forget what you say while they are in the room, so handouts are helpful.



My specialty is MSN-DNP Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner