Post Discussion: Moving Mom


Mary Louise is a gregarious 82-year-old living in Little Rock, Arkansas. She has eight children—five sons and three daughters—all living within 200 miles of her. Only one son and his wife live near her in Little Rock. She feels blessed because she loves all of her children’s’ spouses. She has 24 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.


Mary Louise has been widowed for almost 20 years and has established herself as matriarch of her family. She retired from a career in public service, first as a teacher, then as a city council member, and finally as a state representative. Currently, she volunteers in her community, has a large cadre of acquaintances, and has a small group of close-knit friends. With her teacher retirement and her state retirement, her financial needs are being met.


From a health standpoint, she considers herself healthy even though she suffers from diabetes, arthritis, glaucoma, and high blood pressure. Having learned very early how to care for her diabetes, she controls it through diet, exercise, and one medication. Her high blood pressure is controlled with two medications, the glaucoma with drops, and arthritis pain with acetaminophen.


Mary Louise lives alone in the family home and continues to drive even though her eyesight is declining. She is getting irritated because her children are pressuring her to move into an assisted living facility. She believes she is still doing well on her own.


Consider the following:

 How would you advise her and her family? What factors are affecting her retirement years? What does she need to do to maintain her physical, mental, and emotional health? Discuss her living options.


Support your statements with evidence from the Required Studies and your research.