Poor sleep habit

Poor sleep habit

Respond to the following prompts for each workbook exercise: Remember to read “how to do well on assignments”.

a) why did you choose to complete this exercise?

b) what you hoped to find out by completing this exercise?

c) Did the results provide you with information/insight/understanding you expected?

d) Describe what your feelings were as you worked through each of the exercises. Discuss your reactions to the results.

3. Combine your experience/reactions to the exercises and respond to the following prompts:

a) What were the benefits you gained from the exercises? If there weren’t benefits — then talk about this.

b) Will you or will not put the results into action? and why/why not?

c) How will you apply the results of these exercises to your personal stress management?

For PSMJ2- I had written about “Poor sleep habit” stressor.