Personal Statement

Personal Statement

From a very young age dentistry and oral health made a significant impact on me. At home, I would help my younger brother who was diagnosed with autism to take care of his teeth. We would each stand on a stool and brush our teeth in the morning. I would hold his tooth brush and help him brush his teeth. It was our special way of connecting and strengthening our relationship. When I would come back from school he would be holding his toothbrush waiting for me. Concurrently, when we would go to dental office visits I would hold my brother’s hand and tell him not to worry. I have known in my heart since I was a young boy dentistry is what I want to pursue. I held on to my vision and shaped my actions and decisions based on that throughout my life. Coming from a low income family, I knew I would have to defy all obstacles and hurdles by work diligently towards my dream. Consequently, my character is built on challenges, quick rise after failure, fast learning, and facing obstacles head on.

After high school, I applied to Ajman University, United Arab Emirates. I was accepted and enrolled in 2013. I was granted an academic excellence partial scholarship and maintained a part-time job as a (XXX Add your). Thus, I was able to cover the university expenses. This made me strive harder to achieve my passion and dream. Furthermore, I proved to my family and myself that dentistry is the only thing I envision myself doing.

I excelled both academically and socially by joining many clubs at my university. Accordingly, I volunteered at many conferences, dental health awareness, and symposiums. I was privileged that my university allowed me to be a tutor for five ongoing years. This helped me develop my social and professional skills. I maintained excellent academic records throughout my study years and graduated in 2018 with honors of a 3.85/4 GPA.

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Emirates Red Crescent

As president of the Volunteer Club in my university and former member of the Student Club Fair. It was my responsibility to recruit students in various student activities in which they participated in volunteer work that was organized by the Emirates Red Crescent.

Emirates Foundation

Successfully accomplished 72 Hours Training program in all levels of Community Emergency Response Team Training,Basic & Advanced First Aid,Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Automated External Defibrillator,Head and Spinal Injuries training, Medical Aid Bag Orientation & etc.

Fulfilled 175 Hours of Community Volunteering which includes New Year Celebrations in downtown Dubai,World Premiership Karate Championship Premier League Dubai Tour,The National Ambulance Major Incident Management System Workshop,Regional Workshop On Emergency Management training

After that I had an Internship year at King Hussein Medical Center, Amman Jordan.

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International Rescue Committee (IRC)- Jordan

Worked with Syrian refugees and other socially & economically vulnerable Jordanian community members to identify and solve challenges posed by long-term displacement.

Implemented a research project using community strategies by relying on a Human Centered Design approach.

Moreover, I have successfully passed the Dubai Health and Authority practicing license and the Jordanian Valid professions practicing license.

I look forward with great eagerness to begin my career in the singularly most rewarding and enjoyable profession I can imagine. My greatest inspiration and motivation is helping my brother and those alike. There were times where my brother could not express the pain he was dealing with and had to have general anesthesia to examine and treat his teeth. This misfortune paved my way and allowed me to strive to study dentistry in hopes of finding a solution for those with unfortunate conditions.

Then I moved to USA to study healthcare management and develop, improve myself in that field

Voulantering in International Dental Office

Lead Dental Assistant at International Dental Clinic .Where I learned the standard of dental care in the US. Learned insurance procedures, forms & billing, worked with different specialties including general dentistry and orthodontics in different locations.

Assist the dentist during preventative, basic & major dental treatment procedures & Orthodontic services. Lead team in the dental services of the department. Monitor and prioritize workflow of the dental assistants. Maintain office records, supplies and schedule appointments. Instruct patients how to practice good oral hygiene.

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Throughout my dental school journey my focus was on smile conservation. Upon learning about this program I became ecstatic. Partaking in this unique opportunity will prepare me for my future career goals provide me with the necessary knowledge and skills and growth as a General dentist. While participating in this program I will apply the knowledge and resources learned during dental school into real world situations. This opportunity will allow me to work and gain hands on experience in the field among prestigious dentists and pioneers in oral health. It will enrich my current education and my future career. Accordingly, throughout my education I will learn more about the people, society and culture of the United States.

This is my life and chosen field. My upbringing, the pride I have for my family, and my firmness about never squandering the talents that God has given me. I am humbled by the thought that my talents will benefit individuals and through my research, society.

I thank you so much for your consideration.