Personal Interests in Identifying a Career Choice

Personal Interests in Identifying a Career Choice


This first section of the Project Thesis should include:

  • An identification and discussion of at least 3 career goals and how goals were formulated to achieve professional objectives.
    • Please note that these are major career goals and you will create a career development plan in Section 4 but it will be important to discuss how you formulated these goals.
  • How the coursework in the master’s program has prepared you for your future career goals
  • Answer: I have already uploaded the Competency assessment gap report.pdf about me and I had elevated myself, you can see each course, and you can see what I wrote about each course.
  • How your work history has prepared you for your future career goals
  • Answer: My M.S in health education at ( name of university) please leave space like this if you want of me to add the university’s name when you done, I worked as a social worker at the King Abdullah hospital in Saudi Arabia for one year, and then I moved to the National guard hospital to work as a social worker as well for one year and then I got work vacation for 2 years to complete my M.S in health education. I don’t have a job now, I’m a full-time student but I will work as a health educator when I back to Saudi Arabia.

Make sure to use the competency assessment gap report,that I uploaded and you will see an example of how the papers will look like when you finish. Please don’t copy and paste, it’s will be known by the weep called turn in.

  • Use these sources along with personal analysis and reflection.

Please follow APA format and you don’t have to add any reference Unless if you use information from Source, it’s all about self-assessment. Notes 6 to 8 pages, please.