performance managemement business design

Performance management business design

Performance management is a systematic process that entails planning work, setting expectations, monitoring outcomes, developing capability, rating performance, and rewarding achievement (U.S. Office of Personnel Management, 2012). Developing clear, measurable, fair, and challenging standards is required if a performance appraisal is to be the basis for employee retention, development, promotion, and compensation in an organization. Performance appraisal processes must be developed, implemented, and monitored in such a manner that promotes accurate, standardized, and appropriate execution. Consequently, it is essential to understand how to properly design these systems to ensure effective use.

For this Assignment, review this week’s media. Consider how you might develop a standardized performance appraisal process to evaluate the three job types presented in the media.

Develop a performance appraisal process for Greenway Inc. consisting of three types of jobs (manufacturing, sales, executive).

In your Assignment, you should do the following: Characterize the appraisal’s elements. Explain how the appraisal mechanism is tied to a job analysis. Identify the number of performance levels, and explain how the number of levels was determined. Explain how the system would be standardized and validated. Provide an APA reference list and use appropriate APA citations throughout.