Peers’ Discussion:

During the sports day, one of the members of the cheering team had a disability. His spinal cord had permanent injuries and he could walk no longer. Despite this, he was among the best cheers and could encourage us when we were playing. During this interaction, we were showing his respect and following his advice but at times, we were charging him as he could not do the things he was saying due to his disability.

From the video ‘how you see me’, the change in the response is shown in the understanding. We were pushed further to understand how he comes to be disabled, and it was due to an accident. It helped in reducing the judgment we had on him.

When responding to a person with a disability, the hardest part is understanding. Due to his disability, the understanding of things is very different compared to a normal person. He might think that you are attacking him but you are just responding to him.

To avoid bothering those with disabilities, I recommend that we should take them to be normal. We respond to them, the aspect of disability should be avoided.

From the video, I come to understand that no one wished to be disabled. Also, disabled people have all the capabilities like normal people. Disability should not stop them from doing some of the activities.

In my view, the words spoken created the biggest impact. This is because they come from the heart and they are the real experience that people have undergone. This helps in changing my understanding stereotype as it is affecting the mind of the people. Stereotype led to segregating people from the things that they can enjoy and participate in.


Respond meaningfully to one peer post considering the following:

Compare and contrast the peer’s response to the video with your own.  In what ways were they the same?  In what ways were they different?  What does this tell you about stereotypes?

What did you learn from the student’s post?

Please be sure to validate your opinions and ideas with citations and references in APA format.

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