Pathophysiology and Pharmacology

HSC 2001 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Case Study

(šŸš© Please follow carefully šŸš© )

The goal of this assignment is to use a real clinical scenario to demonstrate how you canĀ synthesize and integrate the knowledge of pathophysiology and pharmacology in the management of the caseā€™s condition. Keep in mind that disease manifestation varies and may not follow text book description.

Note: Everything needs to be in aĀ SingaporeĀ context

  • Identify a person (family member or friend) with two or more confirmed medical diagnosis AND had experienced / is experiencing dysfunction in at least 2 body systems. You should choose a person who can provide accurate and detailed information such as investigation process, management plan and especially the specific medications they are on.
  • Explain to your subject the purpose of your interview. Ensure you deidentified the subject in your write up. Offer to share your report to the subject
  • Conduct a health interview. A followup interview session may be required after you read up on the diagnosis, pathophysiology and management of the diseases
  • In the case report:

– Provide a case description

– PickĀ TWOĀ medical diagnosis, identify which one is primary diagnosis where you will elaborate on the pathophysiology and management approach. Provide a brief description on the secondary diagnosis

– Describe each medical diagnosis and the pathophysiology and disease manifestations

– Compare the classic disease presentation and symptoms to what the subject is informing you

– Describe the types of medications. Explain how the drugs interact with the pathophysiological processes and the expectant outcome.

– Draw implications for the health professional of your course

Formatting & Layout Requirements

– Add page numbers
– Clear paragraphs with relevant headings
– Appendices (if applicable)


– 1.5 line spacing

– One-inch margins

– font size 12, Times New Roman.

– Highlight important concepts by using italic.

Crucial Requirements:

– A list of references (in APA style)
– 14 references minimum
– Turnitin Similarity Index of under 11% (School is very strict on this)

Please refer to Grading Criteria for more information

I have also attached Lecture Notes for your convenience.