Term Paper Assignment
Possible Books for Term Paper:
Dugard, J. L. (2011).
A stolen life: a memoir.
Array New York: Simon & Schuster.
Bellini, A. (2013).
Anelisse: A true story of child abuse.
Monarch Publishing House.
Pemberton, S. (2012).
A chance in the world: An orphan boy, a mysterious past, and how
he found a place called home
. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson.
Perry, Bruce. (2007).
The boy who was raised as a dog
. Basic Books
Peters, J. (2008).
The heartbreaking survival story of a small mute boy who overcame
unbearable suffering and found his voice again.
Harper Element.
1.   The general goal for this term paper is for you to learn to apply concepts from the
field of child abuse and neglect to a particular case.   This is not a book report,
in which you review what happened.  It is your job to critically examine what
is  reported  in  the  book  in  terms  of  the  material  you  learn  about  during  the
2.   Select  one  from  the  above  list  of  books  to  read.    They  are  all  available  through, and almost all are available in paperback.  You should get
the  book  and  begin  reading  it  immediately,  to  get  an  overall  sense  of  the
account.    It  is  likely  that  you  will  have  to  reread  the  book  as  you  learn  more
about  the  field  of  child  abuse  and  neglect  and  begin  to  apply  concepts  you
have learned to this particular account.
3.   You are expected to
read at least four additional scholarly articles
from peer-
reviewed  journals,  not  from  newspapers  or  magazines
),  in  addition  to  the
assigned readings for this course, in order to complete this paper.  
4.   You  will  use  these  outside  readings,  as  well  as  your  required  reading  and  notes
from class discussions, to complete the sections of the paper discussed below.  
5.   You  may  choose  to  focus  your  outside  research  (scholarly  articles)  on  one  or
more of the following:
a.   causes/risk  factors  for  the  type  of  maltreatment  you  are  reading
about    –
  Possible    instances    of    neglect,    physical,    sexual    and
psychological   abuse   suffered   by   the   main   character/   writer   and
whether abuse/ neglect are terms that can be applied to the character’s/

writer’s situation. Students are expected to also identify risk factors for
abuse/ neglect (i.e. temperament, age, Stockholm Syndrome, etc.)
b.   the effects of such maltreatment and/ or the sources of resiliency
within the child and within the child’s environment  
c.   interventions for such maltreatment and/ or the missed
opportunities for systemic interventions (police, school, neighbors,
6.   Papers will include sections consistent with the above requirements or they
may include three sections: Introduction (including the introduction of the
topic and the causes and risk factors for maltreatment), the second section
which should highlight the impact and effects of maltreatment described in the
book, and the third section which should include the interventions and/ or the
missed opportunities for effective intervention. These three sections are
described below in detail:
7.    This first section focuses on introducing the maltreatment described in the
book and the characteristics of maltreatment.  This section should include the
following information:
a.   Full   book   citation   (author,   name   of   book,   publisher,   date   of
publication)  in
.    See  APA  formatting  resources  in  the
Modules in CHAD 210 on Canvas.
b.   Identification of the writer as the child victim, a therapist, or someone
to whom the story was told.
c.   Identification  of  the  child:    sex,  ages  covered  in  the  book,  cultural
group,   socioeconomic   status,   family   constellation   (e.g.,   mother,
grandparents, 3 children), living circumstances covered in the book.
d.   Characteristics of Maltreatment:  
i.   Identify   the   types   of   maltreatment   described   in   the   book
(neglect,   physical,   sexual,   psychological).      Give   specific
ii.   Discuss  the  role  of  family  and  community  risk  factors  that
played a role in the child maltreatment.
e.   Your discussion should include references to the journal articles that
you have found, as well as to the required readings.  
8.   The  second  section  of  your  paper  focuses  on  the  impact  of  maltreatment  and
should include the following information:
a.   Impact of Maltreatment. Discuss the impact that the maltreatment had
on  the  child.  Think  about  the  way  the  child  behaved  and  thought.  
Think about symptoms the child reports or that you identify based on
what the book describes.  

b.   Discuss the cycle of violence and resilience.  Is this child likely to go
on  to  maltreat  children  or  not?    Is  this  child  likely  to  have  long-term
problems  in  adulthood?    What  factors  can  you  identify  that  are  likely
to  lead  down  one  road  or  the  other?    Be  sure  to  examine  evidence  of
strengths in the child, in the family, and in the environment that might
be the bases of resiliency.
c.   Discuss  and  identify  the  sources  of  resilience  in  the  child.  What
internal  (e.g.  child’s  temperament)  or  external  factors  (e.g.  sources  of
support to the child) contributed to the child’s survival
d.   Your  discussion  should  include  references  to  the  journal  articles  that
you have found, as well as to the required readings.  
9.   The  third  section  of  your  paper  focuses  on  the  opportunities  for  intervention.    In
the final section, you will discuss:
a.   Opportunities  for  Intervention  and  Missed  Opportunities.    Discuss
whether   there   were   opportunities   for   helping   people   to   become
involved  that  were  never  taken  or  opportunities  for  helping  people  to
become  involved  earlier  than  they  did  if  they  eventually  became
involved.  Discuss  why  those  opportunities  were  lost.  Were  there
mandated reporters who failed to report?  If so, why do you think they
did  not  do  this?    If  helpers  eventually  became  involved,  discuss  what
factors  seem  to  have  been  present  that  made  those  helpers  available
and  made  them  act.  Use  a  systemic  approach  in  this  discussion
focusing  not  only  on  the  child’s  close  circle,  but  also  on  the  familial,
social,  legislative,  etc.  layers  that  were/  or  were  not  effective  in
rescuing the child.
b.   Your  discussion  should  include  references  to  the  journal  articles  that
you have found, as well as to the required readings.  
10. Your final paper should be a minimum of 6 pages in length.  
11. See “Term Paper Outline” for a detailed template of this paper.