outbreak investigation

Select one (1) peer-reviewed, original research article that discusses an outbreak investigation to share with the class.

The article cannot be older than 3 years (2017-2020). Do not discuss a review article, case study, systematic review, meta analysis, or letter to editor.  Do not repeat an article that a classmate has already chosen.

After reading your selected article, post the following information:

1. What step in Outbreak Investigation (see CDC resources) does the study address?

2. What was the purpose of the study?

3. What was the study design?

4. Who was in the study population(s)/sample(s)?

5. What was the outcome and was it consistent with the researcher(s)’ original research question?

6. What recommendation(s) did the researcher offer for future studies?

7. How do you know this article was peer-reviewed?

Must be at least 250 words