Orphan drug relates to Pancreatic cancer

Term Paper with topic as Orphan drug relates to Pancreatic cancer.

Scenario:You have just been hired as an R&D product manager at a biotechnology company, Helix Inc. As a first step, your boss wants you to brush up on your literature research skills and give her a sense of how well you understand ethics as it relates to various biotechnology areas and technique.

An introduction and historical background to the topic. Be sure to include why this topic is significant (why should your reader care?)

A description of the nature of any societal or ethical issues associated with the topic (at least three, using      some of the issues raised during this course). These descriptions should include:A detailed analysis of both the pros and cons of each ethical/societal issue (looking at both sides of an issue). Provide specific examples and include statistical data from scholarly sources. Where applicable, it should include relevant figures,tables, and graphs that are properly referenced with detailed figure legends.Should be concise- using only data and information that is pertinent to the central theme of your paper. Avoid using general ideas or opinions that maligns one group. Wrap-up with a strong and logical conclusion, which should include some speculation on future directions (how could some of these ethical concerns be resolved?)

strong conclusion that includes a concise summary of your key points as well as some speculation on future directions (how could some of these ethical issues be resolved?)

APA format, include references, 5 pages maximum.