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inequality, challenges and socially unjust experiences of women and girls across the US

Activism Project Proposal (WS-2300 Online)


This semester we spent a significant amount of time discussing and learning about the inequality. Challenges and socially unjust experiences of women and girls across the US and world. At times, I imagine this was very disheartening. This project proposal/essay is your chance to be creative and think of something that you might actually be able to do to make change for women and girls.


You task is to design a project that brings some of the issues that we have been discussing in class out into the larger community. The community can be UTEP, El Paso, the border region (you get to decide this). The purpose of this project proposal is to think about a need that has not been met or a problem that has not been solved. And to create a project that responds to the issue. The project must be focused around women and girls or you must be able to relate it to a topic that we discussed over the course of the semester. Some general examples of projects that would be acceptable are:

A voter registration drive for women who might not otherwise vote or have access to the polls, a bike collection for women that might have issues with transportation, a car repair class for women, a girls night out for college students to provide them with information about sexual assault, etc… the list can go on an on. Remember, this is your chance to be creative and to create something that can actually be done in your community. This is also a chance for you to consider the problems that women and girls are facing in your community and consider responses to those issues that might improve the lives of women and girls.

target population

To complete this assignment you must submit an essay. This paper is a combination of action ideas, analysis and synthesis. Throughout the entire essay you should be applying the ideas, terms and theories that we have discussed throughout the semester.


This project proposal encourages you to use a number of the Edge advantages. In particular you will be focused on social responsibility and problem solving. Depending on what you propose, this paper may also encourage you to work on global awareness and communication.


You must use 4 sources in this essay. One of those sources must be from out course materials. There is no limit to the number of sources you may use for this assignment. Acceptable sources for this assignment are peer reviewed articles, textbooks, and academic/professional websites. You are also welcome to use one audio visual site (a podcast/documentary or news story). This audiovisual site can count as one of your 4 sources.


Your paper should be written in APA format. It needs to be double spaced and written in 12pt font. You must include a cover page and a reference page. You need to use in text citations. The paper needs to be a minimum of 4 pages of text (this does not include your cover page and reference page).


Your paper should be broken into 4 sections:


In the first section of the paper you must identify the problem your project addressed and contextualize the issue in your community. You must cite at least 2 sources in this section of the paper.

inequality, challenges and socially unjust experiences of women and girls across the US

In the second section you must describe the project that you would hope to complete. Please include details and be creative. This is the meat and potatoes of this paper and also your chance to have fun. I want to know exactly what it is that you are proposing to do in your project. In this section you must include your target audience. The location, who you might collaborate with, resources you might use. When the event/performance/tabling/class/fashion show/ 5k run (you get the idea) would happen. You do not need to include any references in this section (but you are welcome to if you think they would be helpful. I am looking for original and creative ideas.


In the third section of the paper you need to analyze your project proposal using intersectionality or feminist perspectives on privilege power and oppression as your lens. In this section you should consider who is affected by your identified problem and the ways that group is affected by power and oppression issues. You must use a minimum of one source for this section.

target population

In the final section of your paper you need to assess your project as a form of advocacy. In this section you need to think about the action piece your project proposal focuses on. Please consider how your project would be empowering to you, to your classmates, to your target population and to the community at large. You are welcome to bring in any sources that you are interested in for this section.


Please talk to me if you have questions, concerns, frustrations, remorse or intense joy. This project proposal is designed to make you think and push yourselves. But in the end I am hopeful that through this work you will feel passionate about something. That you may not have felt passionate about before. And you will have an opportunity to think about making change in the future.