Team Assignment

Team Plan


This week we are to write a short paper on organizational responsibility towards stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination. We are to choose a company that we can demonstrates raising awareness in prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination. The companies I thought of that might have a good track record on these already and that would have websites and information that we could use for this paper are:

·         Coca Cola


Here is the proposed plan, including the outline and available tasks.




Introduction – (No Title) – About 100 Words –  Purpose of paper and short introduction of our example company


Corporation and Elements of Cultural Competence – for those working on this section, please read Chapter 14 page 394, and pg 397-399 plus 384-388

·         Short description of workplace stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination and how this relates to social responsibility/cultural competence in corporations? (Must have a reference in this section – the book would be fine here) – 200 words – Team Member 1

·         Discuss how our example organization effectively raises awareness regarding stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination? (might want to reference the company website here) – 200 words – Team Member 2

·         Discuss how this companies strategies  to raise awareness align with the recommendations in the readings (Must have a reference in this section) – 200 words – Team Member 3

Future Recommendations – 200 words

·           Based on the information you have obtained about this organization, what recommendations could you provide the company to help them more effectively work with different personalities, individual differences, or gender differences in the workplace ?  Be specific


Conclusion – 75 words – Team Member ?


Very short summary of paper and lesson’s learned summary.