Need my Psych paper revised and formatted correcly

The body of the Sample APA Paper is not organized topically. Instead, it contains a series of article summaries chained together. Reorganize the information into a logical topical outline. Do not rewrite the whole paper. Instead, reconceptualize the content in outline format with detailed bullets of the articles that are cited and make sure all APA guidelines are met. Their are many APA errors in this paper. There is no APA guideline for outlines but you should adhere to APA guideslines when citing articles in your outline. Every heading must have at least two entries (e.g., A, B; 1, 2). outline Example: I. Introduction II.Body of paper A. Topic Number one 1. Subtopic number one a.) Supporting details #1 (Cite supporting references here (I will also email you my already complete reference list but if you see an error let me know 🙂 b.)Supporting detail #2 (Cite supporting references here) 2. Subtopic Number 2 a.) b.) B.Topic Number 2 C. Topic Number 3 III. Conclusion of paper