need an introduction in 24 hours.

  I need an intro, for my topic is the relationship between the exercise time and the quality of the sleep. 

1) Introduction

The purpose of the Introduction is to identify your topic, explain why it is important, review past research relevant to your topic, and explain the purpose of your present study. In an Introduction, include the following:

· Introduce topic and address importance of studying topic 

· Review past research 

o Refer to all five of your scholarly articles directly here in proper APA style (use a thematic, rather than article-by-article, organization).

o Review each source briefly, focusing on what was done and what was found. The amount of detail included in this section will be much briefer than that included in your article summaries (because of space constraints).

o Passages of text may be bulleted, but you should write your Introduction in complete sentences.

· State purpose of your study