Motivational Counseling/Interpreting Issues


Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered approach that helps clients explore areas of concern from a place of autonomy. Prior to beginning work on this week’s journal, watch the youtube video “Motivational Interviewing” ( 

In a journal entry of 500-1000 words, evaluate moral, ethical, and cultural issues that you may encounter while working with the hypothetical client from the “Motivational Interviewing” discussion. Describe how the client’s level of readiness (i.e. Contemplation Stage) and psychosocial history might impact behavioral change. Support your response with information from a scholarly source.

Next, state the amount of progress you would find acceptable, and if you can be flexible, accepting, and gentle with the hypothetical client. Address any biases that you may have towards the hypothetical client, and explain how you would work to overcome these issues. Include one suggestion from a scholarly source.

Include at least one additional scholarly source from the university library to support your response. All sources must be formatted in proper APA style. 



Closed Captioned Videos (Producer). (January 22, 2018). Advanced motivational interviewing: Smoking cessation [Video file]. Retrieved from