Methodology Section

Please use the attachment below they help build-up to this point and they are crucial in making this paper.

 You will create the Methodology section of your hypothetical study. This assignment is going to allow you to present your research design and develop and present the details of how your hypothetical study would be conducted. 


Next, make sure you include the following essential information that pertains to the Method elements: 


Reiterate your research question. What is the purpose of your hypothetical study? ·  Determine an appropriate research design that addresses your research question regarding your chosen topic and explain why this design was chosen. Also, what will your dependent (DV) and independent (IV) variables be for this study?

·  For your Participants section describe the following: o  How many participants do you envision having for this hypothetical study and how will you select them (where will you be gathering your participants from)? o  What type of sampling method will you use and why? o  Will you be assigning participants to groups? Yes, no and explain why o  What will the demographics of your participants be (gender, ethnicity, age range(s), SES, educational criteria (if relevant), history of medical and/or mental health diagnosis (if relevant) )?

·  For your Procedures section describe the following: o  Where the study will take place (e.g. online, a lab, a university, a medical or mental health setting, a natural environment, etc.)? Explain why you have selected that particular setting. o  Over what period of time will data be collected? o  If you are using an intervention, you must describe it in terms of content and also dose parameters (e.g. groups will meet once per week for 60 minutes for 10 consecutive weekly sessions).

·  For your Measures section describe the following: o  You MUST include at least one survey (make sure to include relevant citations and references if you are employing existing measures)

§  To find surveys, go to PsychTESTS Explain what the measure’s purpose is and what it studies Explain what type of measure it is (self-report, therapist, rating, teacher rating, parent rating, etc.) and explain why you consider it appropriate for your research study Describe how many items the measure has and any subscales it might include How/when will this measure be used and why (e.g. at the beginning of the study (pre-test), at the end of the study (post-test), etc.) Explain how you will account for ethical issues associated with your proposed research. In other words, how will you ensure that ethical guidelines will are followed appropriately and adequately?

 It must follow APA paper guidelines. Your submission should not exceed 3-4 pages (excluding the cover and reference pages). It should include a cover page and reference page, be written with 12-point Times New Roman font and double spacing, and you will follow proper APA citation and reference format.