Mental Health Crisis from Coronavirus Pandemic


You will search news outlets for two articles that are related to public health. These articles must come from different sources (CNBC, Fox, CNN, Vox, Science Daily, NPR, etc.) and they must relate to the same public health topic. (Example- topic about COVID-19 with one article coming from NPR and one article from CNBC). You must provide a link to both article in the write-up!


You will then discuss the following in a write-up:

  1. What is the common theme/topic of the two articles?
  2. Briefly describe the two articles.
    1. 1 point will be deducted for each article that does not come from a news source.
  3. How does this topic relate to public health?
    1. What are some similarities between the two articles (if any)?
  4. What are some differences between the two articles?
  5. Does one (or both) of the articles appear biased (Links to an external site.)? Briefly explain why or why not. (4 points)

Answers must be written in complete sentences.