Mental Health and Wellbeing Among Medical Students

The purpose of this written assignment is to understand and examine a public health event by choosing a recent main article, and make recommendations to remedy the identified problem. Analyze the health problem defined in that main article.

Three (3) pages using APA format and style; that is three pages for the body of the paper. This page length does NOT include the cover page, abstract, references, or appendix. The paper will include the following sections, each section starts on a new page: cover page, abstract, body (including introduction, cause and severity, intervention, recommendation, and conclusion sections, see below for what to include in each section), references, and appendix.

Formatting: Include the following sections in this order: cover page, abstract, body (3 pages with multiple sections), references, and appendix where you will include a portion of your main article (see below). The paper will include APA style headers reflecting the required elements for the paper (conclusion, cause and severity, etc.). You must cite every source in your paper in APA format in text and in the reference section. You must cite if paraphrasing, borrowing facts or information or including information that is beyond common knowledge. Not doing so constitutes plagiarism which will result in reporting students to student affairs. Do not use direct quotations in such a short paper.

Reference section: Include a minimum of 6 references that are at most 5 years old (this is APA standard), except for the main article which needs to be less than 6 months old.