Mental Health Among College Students Essay

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Page 1

Write a 1 page summary regarding our PH issue. Tell us why this is a PH issue. The writing should convey that you understand scientific definitions and the data presented. The essay should include the following information in no particular order, just make sure it reads and flows well.

-What is mental health overall and in College students. What are risk factors of poor mental health? Talk about Mental Health specifically among college students.

-Discuss Incidence/Prevalence of Mental health issues among College students and Mortality for this issue in the US.

-Find 1 scientific study related to mental health and college students. Briefly describe the study, what type of study is it, and their results and conclusions. You can use Google Scholar.

Page 2-3

Copy and paste ONLY THE QUESTIONS (delete the examples provided) below and provide answers:

1.-Please look for statistics related to Mental Health among UAB college students. Did you find any?

If Yes (you found statistics) provide ALL the statistics you found along with links to the sources.

For example: 40% of UAB students have depression. Source: Link to website here.

If No (you did not find any UAB specific statistics then look for other campus or University Statistics)

For example: 31% of Harvard Graduate Students report struggles with depression, anxiety in Art and Sciences Programs

Source:,round%20of%20mental%20health%20surveys. (Links to an external site.)

2.-Do an extensive search and try to find all of the EXISTING resources AT UAB that provide support for MENTAL HEALTH wellness. List all of the resources you find along with the website link where you found it. You also need to provide a brief description of this resource and how it helps support Mental Health for UAB college students. You should easily be able to list more than 5 resources.

For example: RESOURCE NAME (link) Description: This resources supports mental health by calling their number and making an appointment. They also provide free food….

3.-Do you think the resources that UAB offers to college students are enough? yes or no. Provide a brief explanation to your answer. Why yes? Why no?

4.-Based on what you have read so far on Mental Health and the resources you have found.

What do you think is the most prevalent or important Mental Health issue among UAB college students today that we need to address?

What do you think is missing at UAB to help address this problem?

Is there anything you would do differently than what UAB currently does? yes or no. Provide a brief explanation to your answer.

What will you propose to your team as your idea to help improve Mental Health among UAB college students?

Additional Guidelines

  1. This assignment should be completed in a Word document. Include an additional reference page and include an APA citation for your reference.
  2. Use 12-point Times New Roman font with one-inch margins.
  3. Answer each question and label each question.
  4. Write your answers in your OWN words. Do not copy and paste text from the websites. Be very careful to use quotation marks appropriately, paraphrase appropriately, and cite appropriately. Ask if you are in doubt. Use this website as a reference for citations: (Links to an external site.)