Masters in Health Administration

 The name of this course is Strategic Planning and Operations. The name of the program is Masters in Health Administration.

I work in the Orthopaedic Surgical Department of a hospital where orthopaedic surgeries are always being performed. These surgeries are classified as elective or emergent. Joint replacement surgeries are considered elective surgeries. However, a large portion of our aging population has osteoarthritis and require these joint replacement surgeries(hips , knees, shoulder). In order to do these surgeries prosthetic implants are to be ordered and purchased by the hospital.

Assignment 1: There has been a recent reduction in budget allocation to the health care sector and hence the hospital as a result of the impact of low energy prices and the consequent reduction in the Government of Trinidad and Tobago revenues. Write a proposal to the Chief Financial Officer of the hospital and indicate the rationale for the retention of joint replacement surgeries at the hospital.