Martin Writer

 Discussion 1

 The following video highlights important characteristics mnemonics should have. 

Watch the video below. Then, using either an assigned topic or a topic currently being covered in the course, come up with a mnemonic to help remember the concepts. Share the mnemonic with the class.  The topic will be memory 

Discussion 2


pick two scenarios below and describe ways that you could be successful. You have just read a chapter in your Western Civ test and you can’t remember anything that you read—in one ear and out the other. You need to memorize the periodic table. You are taking a sociology class because it meets your gen-ed requirements but you have no interest in the subject matter at all. You have an upcoming mid-term that covers 400 pages of your American Literature text. You are going to a conference as a representative of your college and you want to make sure to remember people’s names when you meet them. You are taking chemistry this semester and you continually remind yourself that you have never been good at science. You don’t think you are going to pass the class. You must take Philosophy to graduate. You have waited until your last year and you find it very boring. You have noticed that your great aunt has become forgetful of late. You want to make sure to do whatever you can to keep your mind healthy at your age. 

Discussion 3


Suggestibility describes the effects of misinformation from external sources that leads to the creation of false memories. Think about a time when you were SURE that you remembered something one way but later you realized you were wrong. Describe the event. Why do you think you remembered it differently from the actual event? 

Discussion 4

 Online: Select two common objects from your home or dorm room. Create a table for each object that outlines all of the possible uses as you can think of. Identify each use as either divergent or convergent. Submit your work 

Discussion 5


Review the sections of the module that cover the different theories of intelligence. Be sure to cover Spearman’s g Cattell’s crystallized and fluid intelligence Sternberg’s triarchic theory Gardner’s multiple intelligences

Answer the following question. Should schools use intelligence tests based on any of these theories to place children in different programs?

Discussion 6


Take the creativity test in the link provided then answer the questions below.  Be sure to include reasons for your answers. Do you think the test measures creativity? Do you agree with the test results? What kind of things does a person do before you consider them creative? Is creativity related to intelligence? Is creativity measureable?

Discussion 7

 Watch the following video and answer the following question


If given the opportunity, would you modify your genes for strength, speed or intelligence? Why or why not? 

Use information from the module and the video to make your case.