Managing Academic Stress Discussion

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The purpose of this discussion is to explore different areas of stress-management and what tools you can use to help you manage academic stress. This discussion is worth 25 points – for full credit please follow these instructions carefully and check your work with the rubric provided.

  1. First, post your own reply to the following prompt by Sunday 10/4 at 11:59pm:
    • Share an instrumental coping strategy (problem-solving) and a palliative coping strategy (emotion-based) that you use to manage stress, and describe a scenario that you might use each one in, and how those strategies help you cope with stress: do they help you reduce unnecessary stress, manage necessary stress or recover from stress? Try to keep these strategies doable in 5 minutes or less.
  2. Next, respond to at least 2 classmate’s posts in the following way by Sunday 10/11 at 11:59pm:
    • Try their stress-management strategy, and describe your experience.

1-For my coping strategy is breathing deep as cheesy as that sounds, and for my palliative coping is all ways try to stay positive in the stressful situation. A situation i would use this in would be giving a speech in a class like i had to many times last year at gcc for a speech class. When we had to give our first speeches that were 3 minutes long. I remember my heart beating a little faster then normal and it was kind of hard to think straight. For my second speech i went in to the class and took a couple deep breaths like i would before playing in a football game and told my self it would be a cake in the park. I went up to present and it seemed to calm me and help me get through the speech much easier. I think breathing deep and just telling your self positive outcomes it will remove some of that stress and pressure you have on you at that moment. It definitely helps me not stress me out more and helps my mind stay clear.

2-It’s good to have different techniques available when coping with stress. Instrumental coping mechanisms can be effective when something can be done about the stressor in the situation. This week I was stressed out about an anatomy exam that was scheduled to be on Tuesday and I had missed the email that stated the exam had been pushed back until Thursday. I had already not felt prepared for the exam on Tuesday so this came to some relief! I was then able to manage the stress of studying for the extra two days (my class is at 5pm) and create a study schedule to review the previous chapter in sections before the exam. Without knowing, I had applied an instrumental coping mechanism!

Some other types of stress cannot be problem solved as easily. This is when a palliative coping strategy can best be applied, and when meditation and yoga have their place in my life. I can’t always remove the stressors in my life but I can learn to deal with them in a positive way! A short five minutes of breathe work and stretching can do wonders 🙂