make presenation and response all the questions


Choose a single topic or iss ue in psychology that is of interest to you. The11 find a recent psychological, empirica l journal article on this topic using the library ‘s

database.  Each student w ill present one empirical article from (late) 2004 – 20 16

at some point during the semester. Each presentatio n should include a detailed

description of (a) the reason for conducting the research (how the authors see their research as contributing to the literature), (b) theories and hy potheses described In the article, (c) methods, (d) results, and (e) the broader· relevance of the research.

Artic le presentations should not exceed 15 n1inutes . Article presenters are to

prepare a handout or PowerPoint presentation, and distribute a pirinted version of it

(3 slides per page) to each person in attendance that w ill be used to l1elp direct our group discussion. Specific dates for article presentations w ill be detet n1ined dur·ing

our first  meeting . .