Maintain Protect and Diminish Risk with a Comprehensive IT Compliance Strategy

Assignment Instructions: Part One


You have just been hired for your “dream job” at a local employer. Your boss has requested your input for the type of computer system you would like to have.

  • Using the Internet, search and develop your “dream computer system.” This can be a laptop or PC.
  • It should include the components discussed in this chapter including processor speed, keyboard, memory, RAM, internal and external hard drives, Graphic Card, mouse, headset, monitor type and screen size, etc. It may be helpful to organize this information in a table for easier viewing.
  • You must justify your choice of components based on their strengths and weaknesses and why they are suited to your needs.
  • Include required brand names and suggested manufacturer costs.
  • Refer to the Unit 2 Reading and Unit 2 Discussion Board for select readings and You Tube™ videos on computer components (Ram, CPU, drive, etc.).

Assignment Instructions: Part Two


In your new position, imagine that as part of your role within healthcare leadership, you are involved in several committees for the organization. One of your responsibilities is to review technology infrastructure supporting various types of patients, both in-network and out-of-network.