Know the Enemy: Nonstate Actors

In M3 Assignment 1, you conducted research on intelligence threats to the U.S., with a focus on state actors. In this assignment, you will research nonstate actors. Nonstate actors are groups with motivations not tied to a government. Their loyalties may be motivated by group ties or affiliations (such as in the case of Hamas and al-Qaeda), personal feelings of revenge, or other nonstate-related reasons.

In this assignment, you will take the time to examine nonstate actors and their methods. Through this assignment, you will gain an awareness of the motivations and methods of nongovernment-sponsored actors to collect information against the U.S.


Using at least two scholarly resources from the professional literature, research some of the major intelligence threats to the U.S., focusing on nonstate actors. The literature may include the University online library resources; relevant textbooks; peer-reviewed journal articles; and websites created by professional organizations, agencies, or institutions (.edu, .org, or .gov).

You will probably find that there is less research material available on nonstate actors.

In a minimum of 300 words, respond to the following:What are some of the major intelligence threats to the U.S. and their means to ascertain their goals? Focus on nonstate actors.Who are nonstate actors? Briefly describe them and give examples.What are their general methods of operations? Explain with examples.Assaults by which of the nonstate-sponsored (nonstate actor) foreign intelligence services (FISs) on the United States Intelligence Community (USIC) appear to have caused the greatest damage, either through the loss of resources, failed missions, or the loss of lives?What were your greatest challenges in finding information on nonstate actor assaults?

Give reasons in support of your responses.

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