Lungs Cancer Chronic Disease

the topic is lungs cancer, I live in FL Volusia County.

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The goal of this homework assignment is for each student to become familiar with a chronic disease, and specifically the role of Federal and local Health Agencies in addressing this disease as a public health issue.

Select one disease to explore. There are several chronic diseases discussed in the textbook. You may also select a disease of particular interest to you, or go to the NIH website and find something new.

1) What disease did you select. Provide the name and a brief discussion of the health effects. Specifically address if the effects of the disease change, progress and become worse across the lifetime.

2) Go to the NIH and CDC websites. (You may access the Mayo Clinic website as well for general information) a. Is this disease addressed by one of the center’s within that Agency b. Does the Agency provide an overview of the disease and their efforts to address it? If so, what actions are being taken? Can you classify these as Primary Secondary or tertiary prevention?

3) Do either of these agencies provide fact sheets or Public Health information on this disease? (Please attach)

a. Summarize the main points

b. What aspects of disease prevention are discussed?

c. Are treatment options presented?