An 12-16 page (not including the cover or References pages) Literature Review Paper summarizing 10-12 evidence-based (meaning they are reports of findings arising from experimental research conducted by the article author[s] and not opinion articles or publications summarizing multiple research studies), peer-reviewed articles retrieved from the APUS online library and focusing on a course relevant topic of interest is due by the end of Week 7 of the course. Instruction details for this paper are located on the classroom Assignments page.  The relating of articles in this paper must be done via transition statements between article summaries for articles that have content in common, such that the paper interweaves all the articles into a coherent and well-articulated review of scholarly publications related to the paper topic focus. For example, after one article summary, the statement, “Related research conducted by Smith (2012) showed that…” would be an effective means of connecting it to another summary. The paper will end with a minimum of two paragraphs summarizing points made and articulating suggestions for future research directions arising from the article reviews.   Selected articles must have been submitted for approval as the Annotated Bibliography assignment due by the end of Week 5 of the course. Instructions for formatting the Annotated Bibliography are located on the classroom Assignments page.  Articles selected for course assignments other than the Annotated Bibliography (e.g. for the Discussion Forums) cannot be used in the completion of the Research Paper or included in the Annotated Bibliography.