Life Cycle and Transmission of Guinea Worm


Review the attached schematic for the life-cycle and transmission of Guinea Worm.

  • What is the infectious agent for Guinea Worm?Please name it and describe (is it a virus, bacteria etc.). Briefly describe it’s life-cycle.
  • Outline the chain of infection by identifying the reservoir(s), portal(s) of exit, mode(s) of transmission, portal(s) of entry, and factors in host susceptibility.
    • Reservoirs:
    • Portals of exit:
    • Modes of transmission:
    • Portals of entry:
    • Factors in host susceptibility:
  • Can the infectious agent continue without a human host?Why or Why not?What else is required for the infectious agent to complete its life-cycle?
  • Develop public health strategies to prevent Chagas Disease in the human population.Hint – look at each link in the chain of transmission and see if you can break the chain!Provide one strategy for a-e above, or explain why there is no strategy for that link in the chain.

Everything is in side the file but if you need anything let me know.