Leadership Profile

Leadership Profile

Respond to THE two post below separately of your colleagues  making recommendations for how they might strengthen the leadership behaviors profiled in their StrengthsFinder assessment, or by commenting on lessons to be learned from the results that can be applied to personal leadership philosophies and behaviors. PROVIDE UP TPO 3 REFFERENCES EACH



After completing the Gallup survey, my top five signature themes included achiever, focus, responsibility, relator, and analytical (Gallup, Inc, 2021). As an achiever, I always feel the need to accomplish a task each day no matter how small it may seem. Focus helps me identify what I want in my life and to evaluate if I am on the right track. Consistently evaluating helps me move toward any planned goals. The responsibility theme allows me to take ownership of anything that I commit myself to without giving any excuses. The realtor theme explains that I like to develop intimate relationships with people I already know rather than meeting new people. The analytical theme which involves questioning, finding data, patterns, and connections makes me think objectively.


Two core values


According to Broome and Marshall (2021), core values serve as the foundation and guiding principles of how people work (p.218). I believe that each one of us has a purpose on this earth and to achieve it, we need to first figure out who we are and also identify what is important to us. Growing up, I always believed in intentional decisions and actions to find true purpose. Therefore, based on the strength finder assessment, my core values will be responsibility and achiever. To achieve what you want in life, you must be willing to take responsibility for your actions.

focus and achiever

Two strengths


Rath (2007) explains that when a person is not able to utilize their strength, they are more likely to have negative outcomes and not enjoy what they do (p.24). Based on my assessment, I found focus and achiever as my two strengths. Without the ability to focus, it is difficult for me to get anything done. Both of these leadership behaviors help me to be to stay on track regardless of what I am trying to accomplish. Daily, I like to keep a “to-do list” to help me visualize all the tasks I have completed. When a task is completed, I feel accomplished.


Two characteristics to strengthen


To be an effective leader, you need to have the ability to analyze yourself and know the improvements needed. Moxley (2001) encourages leaders to pay attention to both strengths and weaknesses to improve. Therefore, I would like to strengthen the relator and analytical leadership behaviors. Although it is great to build upon friendships, I tend to withhold the engaging aspect of my personality a lot. Also, when making a decision, I like to analyze both pros and cons intensively which has made me missed great opportunities. If able to strengthen both, it might lead me to the right paths needed to accomplish my goals.



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Ideation themes

File  Gallup Analytics and Reporting.pdf (234.224 KB) POST 2


Week 5 Discussion 2: Leadership Profile

The results of my Strengths Finder assessment include; Positivity, Includer, Adaptability, Futuristic, and Ideation themes. According to Gallup (2021), these five themes are the result of the timed answers on the report and reflect identical insight. First, people with the positivity theme are especially upbeat and enthusiastic about their plans. The included trait symbolizes inclusiveness and wants others to never be left out. The adaptability theme shows that I am a, “go with the flow” personality, and concerned about what is happening now and accept the future one day at a time. I am fascinated by new technology, which would explain why ideation was one of my themes. I love to learn new things and help create new ideas to include productive ways of completing tasks and also futuristic which helps me be optimistic about the future and the vast possibilities that can be obtained in the future.

good professional relationship

Two core values I think are important are being an includer and adaptive. By including others on the team, I can create a good professional relationship that encourages others to remain happy and involved in progress. By being adaptable, I can remain flexible and not upset or discouraged by changes that may be taking place. Wise leaders will be in tune with their staff and be sensitive to their likes and dislikes (Broome & Marshall, 2021). By combining my strengths and weaknesses and learning from both, I can become an effective leader.

The characteristics I would like to strengthen would be adaptability and ideation. First, I would like to improve not only “living in the moment” but rather looking ahead to evaluate the choices I make today that may alter future results. I would like to avoid situations that are “too structured and stifle my need for variety” (Rath, 2007, p.47). Next, I would strengthen my ability to create constructive ideas and not wait on others to create a plan first. I work in leadership roles now, however, I can use these evaluation tools to further assist me in the future as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) leader in my specialty.

(Signature Theme Report: See Attachment)


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