Leadership and Management Theories, Models & Frameworks

Module 3.2 – Discussion

Leadership and Management Theories, Models & Frameworks


  1. Choose one (1) topic below, then post your response for this discussion.
    • Response should be 250 words or more.
  2. Read the comments from your classmates.
  3. Please respond to at least two (2) of your classmate’s postings.

 Choose only one (1)

Topic #1

Think back to the last time a major change occurred in your work environment.

  • Was the change a planned change?
  • What were the driving forces and restraining forces?
  • Who was the change agent?
  • Did the change occur as planned?

Topic #2

Analyze the leadership style of your current supervisor.

  • Does the supervisor’s leadership behaviour vary from situation to situation?
  • Would the supervisor be classified as transformational, transactional, authentic, charismatic, visionary, or other leader? Why?