Interest in Writing paper for Crisis Counseling 303

Research Paper Overview

You will build a 2,000–2,500-word Research Paper that summarizes and discusses acute stress response. The paper will be completed in current APA format and include a title page, abstract, outline, and reference page. Over the duration of the course, you will build and submit the paper in 4 parts: creating a title and abstract page, creating an outline, creating an annotated bibliography, and submitting the final paper. The Research Paper will include 12 outside sources as well as course texts and Scripture. All outside sources must be scholarly in nature and must have been published in the last 5 years. Use of “pop culture” resources such as Psychology Today or websites that cannot be clearly classified as scholarly is not permitted.

Specific Content Areas Required:

1. Discuss the various symptoms of acute stress reactions (ASR) and acute stress disorder (ASD) (as well as the difference between the two).

2. Discuss the diagnostic guidelines for ASR and ASD.

3. Examine the impact of ASR and ASD on a person’s life.

4. Address the necessary factors for successfully coping with the effects of acute stress.

5. Discuss effective treatment strategies for ASR and ASD.

6. Review spiritual and professional approaches to treatment.