Intellectual Development of Children

there is too many ways literature supports the intellectual development of children. An intellectual person has the ability for “reasoning and understanding objectively, especially with regard to abstract or academic matters”. (Siri,2020) These are skills need to be practiced and discussed so children become aware of them. Think about the definition above and the language it uses, objectively, abstract and academic. These are areas that are hard to teach and take modeling and discussion to achieve. In order to teach and support this area of development we must have a plan on the daily but we must also be able to model the behavior as teachers so you have to have an eye for identifying these moments to turn them into a “teachable” moment. One manipulative we as teachers can count on for support in this area are book. Books have so much to offer in the intellectual realm.

For this discussion I want you to discuss the opportunities books provide in support of intellectual development of children. Share a book or two that you personally would have in your classroom to support this aspect of development. ** These books can be a part of your book list that you will include in your portfolio.

——–Please make your answer in an easy and simple way, and I will attach different copies that I have for some colleagues to get an idea from them, but please make sure there is no matching, because that affects the evaluation