individual’s healthcare needs

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Think of an example in your community where communications from a healthcare facility probably had been influenced by the presence of politics. For example, have you seen billboards picturing physicians who practice in your town?

In Two diferent paragraph give your personal opinion to Tyler Blevins and Matthew Chandler

Matthew Chandler

Gun violence is a pressing public health problem; gun control is a highly controversial public health proposal. Identify the key arguments for and against gun control solely from a public health perspective.

Gun violence is a very worrisome cultural phenomenon. People, who are shot, depending on the part of the body, can require massive amounts of blood for transfusion. Blood is a resource that is not readily available in many locations. Blood banks are good about providing blood, but one gunshot wound to the liver, for example, can deplete a blood bank. So, yes, guns are a health care issue from that perspective, and also from a mental health perspective. We have these dramatic episodes – mass shootings – that are usually promulgated by someone motivated by hate. As a society, we need to do better in finding out who these people are before they hurt so many others. Personally, I think we should recognize that gun violence is primarily driven by suicide. Two-thirds of deaths from gun violence are suicide attempts.6 Guns are an inanimate object. Death is an issue and suicide is an issue. There was never a question that suicide is a health care issue. It is primarily a mental health issue, but also [with violent means of suicide attempts] a bleeding issue. There is no question that gun-related suicide has a major impact on health care costs. Information from the Suicide Prevention Resource Center indicates that average cost of one suicide is $1.3 million, and the total cost of suicides and suicide attempts in 2015 was $93.5 billion.

With everything going on right now in my city Louisville the talk of violence and gun control is a hot topic. As Kentucky is more on the liberal side as it pertains to gun control. As Kentucky is a very conservative state, the rights to personal freedom is huge. I feel like our politics and healthcare fall in line with conservative beliefs.

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Tyler Blevins

What does it mean to “shop” for healthcare? What makes shopping for healthcare difficult for most people? What would make it easier?

When it comes to an individual’s healthcare needs, affordability and quality are two of the main characteristics that people focus on. “According to a 2017 report by the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly 40% of adults 18-64 with employer-sponsored health insurance had high-deductible health plans (HDHPs). And it makes sense — for relatively healthy people, HDHPs offer lower monthly premiums, and good coverage of basic preventive care. This is a wise spending decision, if you’re relatively healthy (HAS).” Shopping around for healthcare can mean a few different things. One can shop around for the best quality of care, one could shop around for the most affordable care, and one could shop around for something in between the two. What makes shopping around for care so difficult is the amount of time it takes, the resources available to research the information, proximity to the patient in relation to the type of care in which they are seeking. If there is only one hospital in a 150 mile radius, it is going to be hard to shop around for the best quality or affordability due to the fact that if a patient is in dire need, they will not have to option to seek care elsewhere. However, if a patient is in a well populated or big city, there are multitudes of healthcare services that they can search around for and decide which organization best first their needs. What would make this easier is if insurance companies would provide a list of providers for various services that patients could call ahead of time to see what best fits their needs. I know emergencies happen, however, being prepared is key when it comes to healthcare.

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