-Inadequate patient involvement in decision making

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1)Potential sources of unwarranted variation include:

-Inadequate patient involvement in decision making
-Inequitable access to resources
-Poor communication
-Role confusion
-Misunderstanding and misapplication of clinical evidence
-Clinician uncertainty
-Economic incentives (“supply” hypothesis).

Given these potential sources of unwarranted variation, how would you as a healthcare administrator tackle resolving them? Please give an example of your approach to resolve at least four of the seven potential sources

2)While exploring opportunities to improve processes of care for a group practice, you find no variability in compliance with the US Preventive Services Task Force’s recommendations for colorectal cancer screening across the practice’s physician over time. Is this absence of variation optimal? Why or why not?

3)There are often many challenges to spreading change. Identify two key questions/issues studied in the PAACE Journal article that need to be considered when applying change concepts in an organization or system. (attached pdf)