Importation of Prescription Drugs Discussion

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Please answer the below questions for week 2 and 3

Week 2

Public Platform

The Federal Government provides a platform for people to comment on proposed Federal Regulations.

Review the Federal Register Health Care Reform ( page. Select a change dated within the past 12 months.

  • Summarize the change that you selected.
  • Which population groups would be most impacted by this change and how?
  • Do you think this is a change for the better? Why or why not?

Week 3

Liability Scenario

You work in a busy hospital emergency room (ER). A co-worker comes to you for advice. She has observed one of the clinicians in the ER exhibit signs of carelessness when treating patients. This has happened several times and now she is wondering what to do.

  • Explain to your co-worker what her legal and ethical obligations are in this situation
  • What are the real-world challenges for healthcare staff in reporting incidents of this sort?

(Attached is a reference powerpoint for Week 3)