impact of COVID


Download the assignment details here. Students can study impact of COVID on any topics based on the details given int he assignment, you can expand this student for e.g., behaviour of kids and its marketing implications work from home culture and its impact on the fashion industry marketing implications. These are suggestions only and you can expand this study the way you like, please see the details as provided in the above-linked assignment file. Marking Rubric The following factors will be considered for marking the presentation. The detailed rubric will be posted soon. Presentation Style (30%) Presentation with video recording Professional presentation Clear audio and video Screen/Paper Reading Reading only bullet points Engaging talk with audience Flow of presentation Considered the IMC Plan format flow Mechanics (20%) Structured, in flow, grammar and spellings, punctuation and context. Concise and creative ideas. Properly referenced as per APA guidelines. Content (50%) Identification of the key issues and/or problems in the case. Review of relevant literature. Analysis of the key issues and discussion on alternative solutions and/or options. Strategies and Recommendations Winding up/ Concluding remarks talking about challenges and measurement plan in brief.